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Promotion should be an integral component of your Marketing Plan. This page is devoted to a vast array of promotions: Marketing Promotions, Sales Promotion, Promotional Codes and Coupons, Business Promotion, Web Promotions and Social Media (a unique kind of sales promotion and branding medium with a growing number of vehicles daily).

We’ve been handling Promotions of all kinds for 30 years.  We are eager to talk about what you have going on and how Affordable, Cost-Efficient and Effective Promotions might help your marketing efforts.

We’ll talk about all types of Promotion and feature some of our clients Promotions and Events:


1-Day-Only Factory Sales Promotion Event:

Spa Expo Austin – Don’t miss 1 day  Hot Spring Spas Event .. this Saturday, September 17 

Spa Expo is the exclusive dealer of Hot Spring Spas and Hot Tubs in Austin Texas.  The Media Mix is Spreading the Word on this 1 day Event at Spa Expo Austin Tx.  Don’t miss Lowest Prices of the Year on Hot Tubs in Austin Texas :  
Spa Expo!

Spa Expo Austin Texas Hot Tub Sales Promotion

Don’t miss this One Day Only Austin Texas
Hot Tub Sales Event - Saturday, September 17

Visit Spa Expo on-line at

Hot Tubs Austin Texas Spa Expo


 Fifty Work Force Career Transition Network

You’re 50-something+ and find yourself looking for employment opportunities … or ways to supplement your income. For baby boomers forced into unemployment or underemployment, it’s a rocky road out there. If you’ve been out of the workforce awhile it’s even tougher.

“Don’t limit your challenges – challenge your limits!”

Fifty Work Force Career Transition NetworkFifty Work Force - Baby Boomer Career Transition Network


For baby boomers struggling with unemployment or career transition, it may be time to change direction …

Visit our Career Transition Network Fifty Work Force at for resources and tools to help with a job search, career change or alternative work opportunities perhaps even flexible work situations.

We consider this a national epidemic for:

  •  Employers facing the vast numbers of baby boomers retiring
  •  Boomers seeking jobs, a change in lifestyle or direction.


Are you a Baby Boomer who wants to find balance between work & personal life? Looking to supplement your income?  We’ll be sharing work, health, finance and social issues too.  Join in!

Look for the Fifty Work Force Group on:



Our Facebook and LinkedIn Groups are a Forum to bounce around ideas, tips and share career transition resources.  It will much like a "think tank" or sounding board.  It’s the first step toward Baby Boomer Networking  with the launch of our new website: Fifty Work Force

Directors: Linda Yarbrough "Yarby", Phil Robertson, Hub McNett

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