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WordPress Blog SEO Tips

SEO Saturday Series:

WordPress Blog SEO Tips – SEO Questions & Answers

  • Learn How to SEO a WordPress Blog or Website
  • Learn How To Use SEO to Improve Search Engine Ranking Position SERP
  • Generate more Website Traffic with Organic Web Ranking Results


WordPress Blog SEO Tips will share weekly SEO Tips and walk you through step-by-step to help you learn how to SEO a WordPress Blog or Website … or if you want to oversee SEO on your Website, how to choose a Professional SEO to help you. SEO Questions & Answers will help you learn how to use SEO to improve search engine ranking positions SERP.

WordPress Blog SEO TipsAfter 11 years working with Search Engine Optimization as a Webmaster and SEO Ranking Specialist, what is the hardest thing to do? Teach someone how to learn SEO without overwhelming them. Since SEO is such a huge field and SEO Keyword Research can be so complex, I thought it might be a good idea to turn the tables about once a month.


Your Turn for SEO Questions & Answers

We want to hear what you think. A little recap to reinforce and gauge what you understand about how to improve SEO and your search engine ranking positions. I also want to know where you still need help in how to use SEO before we go into deeper into strategy on WordPress Blog SEO Tips.

Our Saturday SEO Series, WordPress Blog SEO Tips, has lots of SEO topics in the hopper. Bottom line though is that I’m here to serve. I need to understand how to best help you where you are today and where you want to go with SEO on WordPress blog or website. So here is a short, multiple-choice Quiz of SEO Questions. I would so appreciate you participating. Please include Why or Why not to answer choices or add you own questions and we’ll jump in. I hope you will have fun with it!

WordPress Blog SEO Tips:

Seo Series – Questions #1


1. Which is the least important area to include your keyword(s)?  Why?


    a. Body Text Content
    b. Internal Anchor Text
    c. Meta Description
    d. Meta Keywords
    e. Title


2.  Which of these choices would be the best URL structure (for both search engines and visitors)? Why?




3. Which would be the 1st step, within SEO best practices, to improve SERP (search engine ranking position) and search engine traffic? Why?


    a. Submit URL domain to a Top 100 Search Engine Submitting Service.
    b. Add keyword phrase meta tags to each of your website pages or     blog posts.
    c. Register several sites with related keyword-rich domain names and     duplicate copy on each .. don’t forget cross-linking.
    d. Re-write the title tags on your pages to relevant, high search     potential keyword phrases.


4. What is the most important concept in SEO – where do you begin? Why?


    a.  Choose a snazzy title for your blog post
    b.  Content is King – Begin with Keyword Research
    c.  Type in Title and Use your SEO plugin
    d.  Pick Categories and Tags for Search Engines
    e.  Check Google competition for your proposed Title


5.  Do you understand the difference between a Category and a Tag in your WordPress Blog?


    With the Title "Improve SEO with Keyword Research", which Categories would you click in WordPress Editor and which blog post Tags would you highlight? Why?


6. Which WordPress Blog SEO concept do you most want me to dig into? Why?

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A little about us:

Linda Yarbrough of The Media Mix provides Media and Marketing Strategy Services, SEO, Consulting and Coaching. As much or as little as you need! Visit our website, The Media Mix, to explore our services and learn more about my 30-year background and experience.

We hope you enjoy participating in the SEO Questions & Answers in our WordPress Blog SEO Tips Series.  Come back each week to learn how SEO Improves SERP Search Engine Ranking Position of a WordPress Blog or Website.

Click Comments to leave your SEO Quiz Answers and Questions on our WordPress Blog SEO Tips.

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