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Share the Luv: Build Readers & Back Links with CommentLuv

Want to build readers and back links to your blog? Duh. Folks often scan or read Comments when they visit a Blog. If your blog comments touch them in some way they may click your back link to see more of what you have to say. It’s one of the best ways to pick Blogs you would like to follow and build readers to your own blog. Here’s another:

Blog Commenting with CommentLuv

is a favorite plug-in of many blog owners and readers. It will automatically promote a commenters last blog post with a back link. Example: Linda Yarbrough recently posted : Social Media and Your Business Website. Note: Register with CommentLUV and choose from your last 10 blog posts to better fit the subject of the blog post you are commenting on. CommentLuv is one of the standard WordPress Plugins (Admin; Plugins; Add New; Type CommentLuv; Click; Activate).

Build Readers and Back Links with Blog Commenting

Part of every bloggers week should be dedicated to Blog Commenting. Some SEOs make it a practice to seek out high Page Rank blogs because the links are so powerful. Take a page out of their book and find a few popular blogs in your category to bookmark. Begin reading them regularly and comment when you have something of value to add; a question or a thoughtful comment that relates to the subject. Blog commenting tip: Include a keyword from the blog post .. just so they know you have read their hard work and are engaged.  This is one of the reasons our friend Eric from Young Entrepreneurs Guide recommends:

Want to build a name for yourself? Gain a reputation as a leader in your industry, hobby or niche? Be a part of a community that shares your interests? Well than it’s time to start adding to those comments at the bottom of the blogs and articles that you’re reading. And I don’t mean just saying “Great Article” or “I agree with this”. If you really want to reap the rewards of commenting, it’s going to take some time and effort (just like any other relationship) but the work will pay off…..

I have shared with Eric that is the way I stumbled upon him at another blog. I felt he was knowledgable on the subject and made good points. He Added Value with his Blog Comments and it turns out we share some common beliefs about Blog Commenting .. probably more. I found his Add Value article to be very good; clearly he is a good writer. Since I like Spreading the Word on solid content and internet resources, I began Tweeting his blog posts and highlighting his articles on my Facebook page. I use Eric as an illustration of how the circle of social media expands .. and can begin with one Blog Comment.

Return the SEO Luv

Blog Commenting with CommentLuv The blogger is giving you some of their link juice through CommentLuv and perhaps KeywordLuv. You can return the favor by including the keyword phrase (title) of the post in a couple of sentences to enhance their keyword density and help improve their page rank also. Every blogger I know wants to build readers and create a community – we spend a great deal of time sharing, sifting and sorting what our readers would most enjoy. Always respect their community. If you find that you enjoy the atmosphere become part of the discussion and soon you’ll be one of them.

Let’s get social!

That’s what LUVs got to do with SEO .. but what about Social Media? I can’t close without adding a bit about Twitter – I know it isn’t TwitterLUV but, then again, it is.

If you are on a Website like mine that allows Commenters to include their Twitter ID, perk up and put on your thinking cap. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment … a thoughtful comment. That Twitter ID promoted on a good blog is like gold (…better than gold, recently. A little disappointed-investor humor.) It allows the reader to follow your Twitter link directly over to read your profile. Often, it ends with them Following you. What’s better than a targeted follower? Not much. Tripping over a kindred spirit on a blog who you can connect with on Twitter is one of the best ways to choose whom to follow.

Side Notes: I’m switching my Share Buttons and Comment Code out because I want a Twitter ID field within the Reply section (not down below). Why?  Because some of my commenters aren’t taking advantage of the Twitter ID link.  I feel perhaps they don’t understand the value or how to use it. Any suggestions? For a call-to-action to get results, you should make the action as easy on your audience as possible. Confuse someone reading your blog or make them have to work at it .. and you’ve probably lost their attention.

~   ~   ~

I’ve spent the past two weeks talking about Blog Commenting with CommentLuv and KeywordLuv. I first wrote about these on June 3 when I transitioned my WordPress blog to self-hosting and added lots of Blog Comment Link Juice. There were still questions and some confusion why and how to use LUV. I hope it is clearer now. Any questions? Please ask.

A little about us: The Media Mix
 is a marketing strategy & services firm offering Web Review, SEO Copy, Social Media design, Keyword Research and Analysis for SEO Search Engine Ranking and WordPress blog design to Website development. We also offer Media and Marketing Strategy Consulting. If you want to learn to do-it-yourself we can provide Coaching to get you headed down the right path. As much or as little as you need.

~   ~   ~

After you’ve Shared my Blog post, and left a comment so I’ll know you dropped by, read more of Eric’s Adding Value with Blog Comments for thoughtful blog comment tips.  It’s a excellent read!

Understand Blog Commenting with CommentLuv?


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