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Share the Luv with Blog commenters : KeywordLuv


SEO is all about making your website be all it can be by optimizing it (to make as effective as possible) for Search Engines. There are many SEO tools you can use but remember it’s an ever-changing process. Web research, analysis and reliable free tips will improve your website ranking in search engine results. You can also use Blog Comments to improve your WordPress SEO.

Bottom line: the goal of SEO is to gain High Page Rank which translates to greater traffic … targeted traffic. There are hundreds of SEO factors. It’s a giant puzzle based on the Category Potential and your Competitors. The more puzzle pieces that fit better than your Competition, the higher your website will rank.  If you aren’t a Professional SEO, you need to choose a good SEO Plugin, do a better SEO job than your competition and choose keyword phrases with less competition. Today we’re going to focus on WordPress SEO and blog comments.  But What’s LUV got to do with it? Plenty.


WordPress SEO Blog Comments - KeywordLuvReward your WordPress blog commenters by separating their name from their keywords, giving them improved anchor text in the link the search engines follow back to their website or blog. This is A BIG deal with all Search Engines.  Use "Your Name@Your Keyword Phrase" when blog commenting. For example, typing "Stanley @Custom Wood Frames" in the name field, will result in the following: Stanley from Custom Wood Frames.

Improve your WordPress SEO with Blog Comments

In a WordPress blog Comments area, the Name Field is linked to your Website URL. If you only put your name, linked to your website URL, it will weaken the power of that link.  KeywordLuv separates your name from the keyword phrase with @ so, on blog comments I make, the backlink to my URL is : Media Marketing Strategy. Not clear about SEO keyword phrases? Keyword phrases are words describing your website that you want to rank high in search engine page results SERP. Remember that people searching for information on the internet use a vast array of words to locate the same thing. You need to understand from SEO research which keyword phrases they might use to find your website;  and of those,  which your website could rank high in results. You might wonder "I’m really unclear about keyword phrases so can’t I just put my company name or website title on my blog comment?" You could. You don’t want to unless you have the same company name as your URL and keywords (good for you!) Here’s why. Example: Linda Yarbrough @The Media Mix just isn’t as strong a link as Linda Yarbrough @Media Marketing Strategy because my keyword phrase is more descriptive of our services. Let me give you another keyword phrase example that isn’t in my Niche: Katrina Moody @Kats Cafe is not as strong as Katrina Moody @Special Needs Connections. Be clear about the subject of your website; then use Keyword Research to fine tune it (tweak). A better keyword phrase based on search potential would be: @Special Needs Children (but she is trying to emphasize the Connections found at Kats Cafe.)  This would be a great example for testing. Alternate them at blogs with similar audience size and subject; then check click-through rates in your stats.

Using Multiple Keyword Phrases when Commenting

If you work in several categories or have multiple keyword phrases (like Kat above), you can certainly switch the name sig up in WordPress Blog Comments for SEO purposes. Relating your keywords WordPress SEO Blog Commentsto the subject of the blog you are commenting on is good practice IF it fits. … but don’t go linking to what the audience might respond to as that would be bad practice. It would also kill the SEO effect of the anchor text link (rose buds linking to a site about shoes will get you nothing but an upset visitor). Since The Media Mix business services are VERY broad, on an SEO slanted blog I could use Linda Yarbrough @SEO Services or Linda Yarbrough @Web Design SEO. Visit a WordPress Blog focused on Building BackLinks? Yep. You got it: Linda Yarbrough @ Back Link Building. To clarify just a bit more. If I were visiting a blog on a hobby unrelated to my business, let’s say Pottery or Gardening I would use @Media Marketing Strategy; not @Texas Potter or @Texas Gardening Buff (unless I also have a gardening blog).  Be very clear about what is at the other end of that link.  By spelling it out, if a WordPress blog reader has a common interest and follows the link, it’s all good. You have a new reader!

Benefits are Win-Win for Blog Commenter and Reader

Folks often scan or read through Comments when they visit a Blog. If your comments touch them in some way they may click your link to see more of what you have to say. It’s one of the best ways to pick Blogs you would like to follow. We’ll talk more about this next week when we delve into CommentLuv. Since you have highlighted keywords left on the Blog long after you’ve gone, KeywordLUV is even better for visitors who are skimming:  if your subject interests them then off they go having been introduced to your website.  Hopefully, this happens after they are finished reading my Blog.  I hope you can see that Blog Commenting with KeywordLuv is more than a free SEO Tool it’s also a Social Media tool. By spreading the LUV around you increase your targeted Connections. Use it!


Why YOU might want to add this SEO Tool to your Blog

Having lots of interaction is what all bloggers want to achieve. The desire to build a community focused around topics important to us is a strong one. But there are other reasons to garner Commenters. Blog comments add fresh content to your Blog Post which the Search Engines seek out continually. They send out "spiders" looking for fresh content (ever heard the term "search engine food"?) and then bounce from link to link through websites. Your blog post Rank in Search Engine results can continue to rise as new visitors leave relative comments (hopefully using topic or keyword phrase).  It’s certainly one of the reasons that popular blogs are hard to beat in Search Engine Rankings for competitive keywords.

How to add SEO Tool KeywordLuv to a WordPress Blog

Go into WordPress Blog Admin (wp-admin);

  1. Go to Plugins;
  2. Add New;
  3. Type KeywordLuv;
  4. Install; Activate

If for any reason it does not come up in the plugin search,

  1. Go to and download the file (jot down the folder);
  2. Go to Add New in Plugins;
  3. Upload; Choose File;
  4. Then click the Install Now button.

Note if you haven’t already added a Do-Follow plugin, you must do it now (as No-Follow is the WordPress default). I’ll help you master this important blogging tool for WordPress SEO on Blog comments. Just ask.

Next week: CommentLuv and Blogging

A little about us: The Media Mix is a marketing strategy & services firm offering Web Review, SEO Copy, Social Media design, Keyword Research and Analysis for SEO Search Engine Ranking and WordPress blog design to Website development. We also offer Media and Marketing Strategy Consulting. If you want to learn to do-it-yourself we can provide Coaching to get you headed down the right path. As much or as little as you need.

Understand how to use KeywordLuv in WordPress SEO Blog Comments?


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