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SEO Strategy Series – SEO Basics

SEO Strategy Series – SEO Basics


seo-101-series-seoSEO Strategy Series-SEO BasicsSEO Strategy Series on SEO Basics is coming to The Media Mix. Want to learn how to best SEO a website or WordPress blog? We’ll share tips and step-by-step SEO Basics with internet marketers, bloggers and business owners.

Is an All-In-One SEO Plugin enough to get your website high in search engine rankings (and keep it there?)

Make no mistake about it, SEO is not always a Straight Line Process! Your Search Engine Ranking Position depends on the keyword phrases your target audience use to find information AND how good a job your competition is doing.

It’s a race to the top of the heap … If you get there, it requires maintenance, studying your website traffic stats and tweaking to remain there.

Our SEO Strategy Series will help you to understand the whys and hows of SEO Basics as we address custom websites and WordPress Blogs.  It will be interactive, educational and fun along the way …

Why a SEO Themed Blog Series?
SEO is such a huge field and since it’s ever-changing it can be overwhelming. So beginning this Saturday,  I will be addressing SEO topics for traditional websites and WordPress Blogs.  

Ask any questions you have on the subject of Search Engine Optimization. No matter how big or small .. we’ll be covering it all. Please submit SEO Topics for us to cover that will be most helpful to you. Or share techniques you’ve been advised to use and get our readers take (and mine).

Eventually, I’m hoping this will develop into an Interactive SEO Session each Saturday morning.  Since this Blog is new I’m realistic it might be an uphill battle. There’s nothing easy about developing a blog audience in a highly competitive category … and then engaging your readers.  Being in Advertising, Marketing and Media my entire career, I’m used to uphill battles as we stretch our clients budgets to produce the most cost-effective marketing campaigns.

Please join me on this journey as we discuss SEO questions, share tips, show examples and use my Blog as a step-by-step testing ground in SEO strategy.

My Background and Goal As a media and marketing professional for 30 years and an SEO specialist for 11 years I have a lot to share and as a newbie WordPress blogger, I have a lot to learn. Let’s do it together!

Let’s tackle SEO issues that might be holding you back from high search engine rankings. There could be a lot of debate over best practices as there is a lot of mis-information floating around on the web.  I’m here to help you stop spinning your wheels on this important subject!  You’ve got to get SEO Basics down.  What SEO questions are on your mind?  Let’s explore them together in our SEO Strategy Series –  SEO Basics.

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