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Top 5 Tips for Email Marketers

How to avoid the dreaded “Unsubscribe” Request

It’s clean out email trash day around here again … and I’ve got to shout out (or at) email marketers!

1. The quickest way to a Trash Bin is to oversend emails. Seriously, stop email overkill. I have found myself on the opt-in list of many Internet Marketers who are sending up to 8 emails a day … every day!

Oh my. Do they really think we can’t go a few hours without hearing their latest offer or words of wisdom? Or we’ll forget them if not hounded by email? If your writing isn’t more memorable than that – give it up!

2. Whatever prompts a subscriber to “Un-Subscribe”, you should attempt to find out why. A multiple-choice list should be part of your unsubscribe procedure. This can be very valuable input. Keeping it brief will encourage your past-subscriber to respond.

“We’re sorry to see you go. Please help us improve our email program by sharing why you are unsubscribing.” Check as many as apply:

___ too many emails from you

___ too many emails in general

___ irrelevant content

___ don’t recall “opting in”

___ not interested at this time

Better yet, add a spot for additional comments or to let us vent:

___ Other [Comments]

We’ll feel you value our input and are trying to fix problems you have in your email program. That will go a long way to improving goodwill toward you or your brand.

3. Before you complete the “Un-Subscribe” request, offer the choice to “opt-down” instead of “opting-out”. Many may not want to stop receiving your emails we just don’t want to receive so many. Give us the option to receive only Weekly emails instead. You still have the chance to save this all-important prospect .. but on our terms.

4. If that fails and we click “Un-Subscribe”, send us to a page that includes: “Thank You for your input. You have been Unsubscribed.”

On it, be sure to include links to your social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. Just because we don’t want to receive on-going emails doesn’t mean that connecting in some other format won’t work best for us. Remember, at one time we were interested enough in your material to Subscribe to your offer. You might get another chance to continue your relationship with us.

5. Now actually take heed of the input your former email subscribers share with you. Back off if an overdose of emails seems to be the problem. You don’t want to overwhelm folks .. you want to build relationships!

What tips would you add for email marketing campaigns? Please share your tips or pet peeves with email marketers.

As many of us ARE building an email list, how do you handle this aspect of internet marketing?

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