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Social Media Marketing Group – Review

I’ve just joined a Facebook Group called “You Can Do” Social Media Marketing.  This group is new but already extremely active!  Started by Kim Garst of Social Media, it looks like it will give new meaning to the concept of “community”. 

Already there have been questions about Linked in, Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, the power of WordPress,  etc.  Even discussions on new website projects members are working on, critiques, resources and encouragement.  It’s highly interactive and insightful!

Quickly, it has shown how hungry marketers and bloggers are for information on best practices in social media marketing. 

Great job Kim in bringing together a group of like-minded people to bounce ideas off each other, share resources and truly “Get Social”!

Check out Facebook “You Can Do” Social Media Marketing Group.  If you need guidance or a Social Media Manager, see Kim Garst’s  Social Media Branding website  for Complete Turn-Key Social Media Marketing Solutions : Social Media Management & Consulting and Small Business Social Media Coaching.

About now you might be asking “Linda, don’t you do Social Media Management also?”  Well, yes I do.  The Media Mix offers all forms of media marketing strategy. What aspect of Social Media Marketing do you need help with?  Post your comments and questions and we’ll respond (I’ll also add topics of interest as new Blog Posts)  …. or  Contact Us today.

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