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How to Re-Purpose a Blog Post

Let’s say you have started a Blog which is tied to your website. Great first step!  Now, you can re-purpose a blog post to turn it into multiple products. If you don’t have a Blog, consider Re-Purposing an article or website copy. Why? It will help to tie all your efforts together thru cross-links, save lots of time AND boost your website traffic. How? Re-purposing : Begin with a Post on your Blog; then ADD "a twist here; a tweak there and you’ve got several new projects completed." Let’s take a glimpse at just some of your options:

  • A Blog Post expanded to 300 – 500 words
  • becomes an article to be submitted to Article Directories
  • then you might want to turn it into a free PDF report (can be offered to other Internet Marketers)
  • do you have enough material to turn it into an EBook? (JV Partners often send to their mailing lists -with your links intact.)
  • now it can be transformed into a video after being outlined in Power Point with audio added
  • which can be posted on YouTube and
  • then be used as the base to conduct an audio broadcast, video webinar or even a live training class.

Get creative and you’ll find other ways to re-purpose your Blog Posts. In my next post, I’ll take this a step further and talk about where specific Social Media vehicles come into the picture:  Power in Re-Purposing Social Media. By: Linda Yarbrough, owner of The Media Mix and author of Yarbys Corner.

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