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Social Media and Your Business Website

Like most business owners with a website, I am exploring the world of Social Media to determine where to put my best efforts. If you’ve been chasing the latest internet social media trends you are probably by now dizzy from information overload.

You just can’t do it all … and do it all well!

In my mind that means you have to experiment and use Stats Tracking to measure results. You’ll also want to measure other responses to make your decisions: Are sales up or down? Are phone calls to your business on the rise or non-existent? You can tell by the questions your customers ask what they have read on the internet that led to a phone call, email or walk-in. If you can’t, then ASK.

Just as networking is vital when on a job search; so is being active in Social Media to a Website owner. It’s powerful stuff! Powerful, that is …. unless you are dabbling in this and then that. Consistency is the key with regular, frequent visibility. It requires making connections and can be about as Interactive as internet communication gets. Be careful though since Social Media is a reciprocal exchange it can be quite labor-intensive. If not managed properly, it can be a major drain on your most precious resource – time.

Many Internet Marketers have turned to Outsourcing to keep up with the details of Social Media. Have you?

As a Media and Marketing Professional, I haven’t yet brought myself to even consider Outsourcing because a) the personal touch is so important and b) to deeply understand this medium you’ve got to dig into it & get your hands dirty and c) I haven’t yet identified the tasks we must do versus Social Media maintenance tasks which could be Outsourced efficiently.

As a business owner you have a full plate already. Consider overseeing this Marketing / Customer Service role by assigning it to someone who really understands your company personality, your website style and your goals. Sometimes this person is in-house; often it can be handled on a virtual basis. Our firm, The Media Mix, manages Social Media activities for clients as do many SEO firms and Marketing / PR Agencies.

The most important thing I have observed about Social Media? Tie it all together! For example: your Website, Facebook, Twitter, your Blog and Article Marketing should all be inter-linked to compliment each other and build traffic. Cross-promoting should be the first step as each new vehicle is added.

Are these the only elements to Social Media which you need to concern yourself? No way. This has become a huge field. My example covers the core only. Since it’s such a broad topic I’ll have a section devoted to Social Media in The Media Mix Newsletter: IN THE MIX. It will be informative, collaborative and fun. Sign-up now!

Where are you in your Blog or Website Social Media efforts?  We love links & comments!

Linda Yarbrough is the owner of TheMedia Mix. She is the author of the Media Marketing Strategy Blog: Yarbys Corner and can be found at Twitter @LindaYarbrough and

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