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Facebook Timeline vs Google Hangout


Facebook Timeline or Google Hangout? Social Media Up-Date

How do you spend your social media time?  Will that change with the most recent additions to Facebook Timeline and Google Hangout? 


Facebook Timeline or Google HangoutThere has been lots of chatter about converting to Facebook Timeline for Business Pages. Whether you love it or are gearing up to tolerate it, we’re all going to have to deal with Facebook Timeline on Personal Profiles and Business Pages. Have you decided how to divide your social media networking time given the latest twists? Facebook Timeline or Google Hangout?


Whoa. Where does Twitter fit in? Core to many client social media plans, including mine, is Twitter. I do not see that changing. Twitter can drive lots of targeted traffic to your Facebook Timeline, Google Plus or even Pinterest. Cross-linking is the social media networking 1-2 punch.


I think Facebook is running as fast as they can to head Google+ off at the pass. Is that even possible? Can anything stop the momentum of Google? Hangout is so powerful and can be used in ways we have not even conceived yet. Screenshare is awesome if it can work properly on your computer.


My take has been that Facebook has had a good hold on engagement in Personal Profiles; while their weakness has been Business pages. Can this new Facebook Timeline on Business Pages promote more engagement?


How active have you been on Google? Hangout watchers know that Google just introduced silly faces to their Google Plus platform .. I just do not think that was aimed at their Google Hangout business audience.


It’s game on!


Chime in and let us know which new features in Social Media will win your time – Facebook Timeline or Google Hangout?


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